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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  September 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am MDT

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denver 7 news starts right now. mother teresa honored for her works as a saint. the community is rallying around the douglas county deputy shot in the line of duty. how can -- how you can help his road to recovery. a stabbing sends one erson to the hospital in serious condition. an armed carjacking overnight. police are trying to find out who is responsible. >> let's go to amanda del castillo.>>reporter: i actually spoke with the victim off- camera. she works at the rehab it -- rehabilitation center behind me. she says during her break, she
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with her alarm went off. she was getting ready to leave her car when somebody opened the door and placed a gun to her neck demanding her car keys. she said it took a while for her to understand what was going on but it was too long for the suspect who started pulling and ripping on her shirts and pants trying to find those car keys. she was able to escape and when she did, she found another coworker. she came out side. her black camry the scene. she describes the suspect as african-american man. skinny as well. this all just happened just after 3 am. we are still following developments as the morning continues. reporting live in denver, i am amanda del castillo denver 7 also breaking this morning, residents are told to take shelter overnight in loveland
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and taft. the suspect ran off after a traafic stop. canines were brought in to help fight the person. 45 minutes later, the suspect was arrested. it's unclear why he was wounded in the first place. not good timing on i-25. a crash closes lanes near i-25 and i-70. still not clear what caused the crash or how many people are her. no word when the lanes will reopen. we will bring you the latest updates throughout the newscast. a huge back up on southbound 25 near northglenn. cdot is reporting a crash has closed all liens. traffic is being diverted to 104th and back to the interstate. no word when those lanes will reopen. happy sunday to you. nice out there right now. >> hasn't it been a really great start to our holiday weekend? the front range has seen a lot of sunshine.
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yesterday. still have the chance for stronger storms later this afternoon. already a bit of moisture across the slope and high country. this is the view from rocky mountain national park. scattered showers and storms across some spots but in other places like fort morgan, clouds are starting to clear. a lot of fog covered the easter -- eastern plains earlier this morning but as the heat of the day warms up, we will see much of that dissipate. pueblo, a mix of sun and clouds. very hot conditiins and places to the southeast. pueblo expecting a high near 94 degrees. denver metro, a mix of sun and clouds. more sunshine this afternoon is expected but the six degrees right now downtown. from he west southwest at 8 ds miles per hour. they will shift later this afternoon. we are going to see gusty conditions primarily from the southwest. we do have a chance for
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i have your extended forecast and futurecast of what to expect through the rest of the weekend coming up. the community is rallying aroundda douglas county deputy fighting for his life. this gofundme page is up and running. detective brite was shot on duty and more than $6000 has been raised. wright was shot friday -- brite was shot on friday. the suspect was randall rodick who open fired officers drove more than a mile in a motorhome before opening fire again. roddick was shot and killed during the exchange. sheriff tooy spurlock says their main concern is detectiie brite's recovery. >> i know it's in their hands so i ask that the community stops and says a prayer for him. he s going to need every bit of that.>> reporter: detective
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we have a link to his gofundme page on our website a person stabbed in denver and right now police are searching for the person responsible. this happened near broadway and curtis yesterday. the victim was in serious condition. investigators are now looking into what led up to the stabbing. police are looking for a person who robbed a business i can point yesterday on steel meal -- steel near 38th. police don't have any information about a suspect. new details on the shooting never colorado street colorado state fairgrounds. the shhriff's office is calling it a drive-by shooting but investigators still don't know why the fairgrounds were targeted. daniel gonzales has been identified as the suspect. witnesses tell police they saw two cars leave the premises after officers arrived. we have an update on a man and woman found shot to death in a clifton home.
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the coroner's office says they died of a murder-suicide. the victims have been identified as erin marble and elizabeth sawyer. police are investigating reports of shots fired in denver on 51st near grant last night. the intersection is closed -- was closed for a few hours as police investigated. we are told no one was hurt. a man is now behind bars after a deadly stabbing just before midniiht. this was yesterday morning on south newark near mississippi in aurora. tw ruben martinez stabbed the other guy. he is now facing second-degree murder charges. we do not know the name of the man who was stabbed. new this morning, a 15-year- old boy is behind bars in grand junction facing charges after police say he shot his friend in the back. the daily sentinel reports he was arrested wednesday evening after the shooting.
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gunfire broke out but the victim should be okay. a weld county judge orders a new trial for a deadly plane crash in erie. this comms after neither pilot was found at fault. federal investigators blamed the pilot. the wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the state and another pilot on the runway. five people were killed in that craah and a new trial date is set to be dissent -- determined in a couple weeks. the most trial of a suspected car thief is now under investigation. this is in tello county. they want to know if the defense deroyed by cam footage without anyone knowing about it. tto people are recovering after they were seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash. this happened this morning on 6th and federal. this crash was originally reported as a hit and run but
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did come back. packer patients if you're heading to the mountains. this was the commute yesterday and we're seeing a lot of backups across i-70. make sure you take your time and don't forget law enforcement will be out in full force throughout the eekend watching out for any drunk drivers. ?>> an active shooter situation inside a jail. police say a visitor is to blame.
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get your home in gear with big labor day deals at lowe's. like 20% off select kitchen cabinets and countertops. plus get up to 24 months special financing on qualifying purchases with your lowe's consumer credit card. make your home happy this labor day with huge savings right now at lowe's. it is 9:10 am. we are taking a look at cameras in the high country. it's not looking too bad at i- 70 and l rancho. definitely expect some areas where traffic will stop because it is still labor day weekend. come tomorrow, the drive back is going to be a big mess come tomorrow afternoon. topic
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republican nominee donald trump making another appeal to black voters. he is caught swaying in the pews at an african-americcn church in detroit. mary bruce was there. >> ?73 >>reporter: donald trump swaying in the pews at a lively church service in detroit as he hopes to sway african-american voters. >> those who seek office are not doing enough to step into the community and learn what is i am here today to learn. >>reporter: trump for the first time addressing a largely african-american audience after being criticized for trying to woo minority voters by speaking% to mostly white crowds. >> you are living in poverty. your schools are no goodd you have no jobs. hillary clinton is going to do nothing for the african- american worker. >>reporter: but now, ump is making a direct appeal. >> i fully understand that the african-american community is
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and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. will be made right. i want to make america prosperous for everyone. >>reporter: ben carson showed him around his old neighborhood in southwest detroit. but while trump talked about grades, his appearance at the church got mixed reviews took >> i think we have to give everybody a chance. of knowledge on how to run this country. >>reporter: and spark protests. >> [ chanting ] no-trump no- trump. two officers on the west coast are fighting for their lives after being shot at a central california jail. the fresno county sheriff's -- jail says a struggle ensued when someone tried to cut in a line and shots were exchanged between the suspect and
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>> personnel responded appropriately and he will be held accountable for what he did. >>reporter: the suspect is 37- year-old mong vsng, a convicted rapist of three miners. dwyane wade, family and friends say their final goodbyys. nykea aldridge was a mother of four. color, purple. she was shot and killed at the beginning of the month while pushing her child in a stroller. an amazing discovery in minnesota. 27 years after he went missing, the remains of an 11-year-old boy have been found. jacob disappeared in 1989 while walking back from a convenience store with his brother and a friend. a person of interest led
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anyone has been charged. mother teresa is officially a saint. coming up, a look at the canonization ceremony and a mother travels from kentucky -- kentucky, nebraska for an emotional meeting. temperatures across the front range a little higher
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streit's 9:16 am on this sunday's labor day weekend. scattered showers on i-70 and fail.
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quickly pass through. a 30 to 40% chancc of isolated thunderstorms across the high country but gradual clearing and 80 isolated but as of right now, some sprinkles near vail. a special celebration of life for the two-year-old killed by an alligator at florida disney resorts. five balllons were released in his home state of nebraska for lane graves. third birthday. he died in june after an alligator dragged him into a lagoon. his parents have set out up a foundation in his memory. match oklahoma and the first look at yesterday's 5.6 magnitude earthquake. you can see damage to buildings, broken windows and fallen bricks but state leadees say there was no major damage and no one was hurt. not even an earttquake could rattle one couple's wedding in tulsa. the bride and groom here say they just went with the flow. >> i kind of think it's good luck. we were just upstairs getting ready and it all started
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and then we will like we will take it as good luck for today. >> that hit just northwest upon and hit seven states overall. joined by one of the towns hit hardest in italy, this will warm your heart. a family's a golden retriever was rescued in the rubble just fine nine days after the quake. the dog looking to beaver united with its owner. the earthquake left 290 people working to recover and rebuild. today, mother teresa joined the ranks of other catholic saints. the roman catholic nun dedicated her life to helping the poor, sick and marggnalized. she received a nobel peace prize in 1979 and died in 1987 at the ge of 87. we know there is rain in the high country but you said that is going to move on.
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we will feel the heat this afternoon. the southwest flow is moving in which means gusty condiiions later on. >> so watch your barbecue? >> texan doww to the ground because we're going to see gusty conditions. 3 looking at our radar, an upper- level disturbances bringing scattered storms and swe state and we're going to continue to see activities in the foothills as we head throughout the morning. very foggy and overcast to start our sunday. this will lift through the afternoon. loveland ski area will see a mix of sun and clouds througgout the afternoon and there is increasing cloud coverage with a chance of showers. degrees at the airport. 67 %-
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miles per hour. this is our tower cam at spear and lincoln. mostly clear skies and plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 80s for much of the front range. by tomorrow, we start to clear back out and a lot more sunshine will be expected for labor day with temperatures even hotter than we are looking at today. the big story for much of the state will be the wind. right now, 14 miles per hour sustained winds in grand junction, hour but these numbers climb in the afternoon. we expect gusts up to 20 to 25 miles per hour in the denver metro area. in terms of our risk for severe weather, yesterday we saw very severe thunderstorms roll through portions of theenorth eastern plains. a similar story today. there is enough moisture and instability to produce late day storms. we will keep an eye on that here at denver 7 on-air and online. our highs across the state
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86 degrees grand junction, 70s in the mountains, 63 degrees in leadville, and across the north eastern plains mid to upper 80s. look to the southeast. we ought to be seen temperatures in the mid to upper 70s -- 90s up there today. 55 degrees is our overnight llw with partly to mostly cloudy conditions. tomorrow, mostly sunny but the breeze will pick up not quite as gusty tomorrow is what we were anticipating today but that warmer error dryer air mass will come in. a cold front will enter back into colorado dropping temperatures into the lower 80s with a few more storms possible in the afternoon. as we go through the middle and end of next week, we will continue to see temperatures in the mid-80s with a slight cooldown next weekend. still feeling a little bit like summer. i know it's technically going to be fall. >> head to e which is were waterworld. >> waterworld is going to close soon.
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something she hasn't heard in four years, her son's heartbeat. done grace traveled all the way to nebraska to meet the man who has her son's heart. grace's son died after accidentally shooting himself four years ago. kaitlyn grace was just four years old. mom, don said she had no intention of donating her son's organs and tell >> he said momma, what would i do? this is not about you. >> so she decided to donate to the recipient hundreds of miles away. >> he is the very first thing i see when i open my wallet. we talked quite a bit. >> and now joe hanson gets a second chance at life. it's 9:22 am. still ahead, we get you caught up on the broner -- broncos
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and also find as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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good morning and welcome to sports extra. i am jahmai webster. >> yesterday was cut down day in the nfl. there is a whole lot going on mark sanchez given his walking papers was a no-brainer. the broncos saved $3.5 million and a conditional draft pick. the cowboys scooped him up. ronnie hilllan, leading rusher from a year ago, remains in limbo. he was also cu capri bids bbat him out. the 53 man roster is now set. here is john elway. >> it's always tough. they were all close. that one was really lose. capri worked really hard and deserved a shot. wanted to give him that shot.
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he handled it with great class and i know he was disappointed. he wanted to stay here and we just got with where we are, it was a better bet for us to go different ways at this point in time. >> flying with the zoom is, air force opened against abilene. second quarter goes 33 yards, crews to i-37-21 pete down. arian werthmann, perfect pass. the falcons host georgia state next saturday. the rapids in new england minus tim allen. jock mcgrath didn't get much help. the revolution, pop the net 1-0 12 minutes in. they starker land again in the secood half. rapids dropped back-to-back
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year. it's getting week. we will hear much more from the broncos a littleelater today throughout the week. i am jahmai webster. that is a look at your morning sports. hope you enjoyed. there is no fallout from colin kaepernick's national anthem protest. the police union is officers patrol levi stadium are now threatening to boycott. they sent this letter to san francisco 49ers complaining team has "taken no action to stop or prevent colin kaepernick in his protests." they say the blanket comments are "false and insulting to law enforcement." still to come in the race for the white house, hillary clinton deflecting criticism of the clinton foundation and donald trump is making bold claims about policies. at least two people have died since tropical storm hermine made landfall.
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scary moments for kids in scary moments for kids in tennesse z23emz zvpz
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denver 7 with breaking news. police are searching for the person behind an armed carjacking. >> amanda del castillo has been there all morning. south monaco parkway and the victim tells me she was parked right up against that side of the street on kentucky this morning. she says that she was sleeping during her break here and that is when she was woken up by her alarm and tried to open her ?oor. when she did that, someone else was on the other side pointing a gun to her neck. that suspect demanded that victim's keys. she tells me that the suspect
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when she didn't, he started pulling and ripping at her shirt and her pants looking for those keys. she got away, went in and spoke with another coworker and when they both came out, they saw that her 2014 black camry sc was gone. she says she wasn't injured physically but she is suffering from emotional stress this morning. again, she is missing her live, amanda del castillo your denver 7. >> a scary situion. it's 9:31 am this labor day weekend. it's nice out there. rain showers out west. yes, very scattered and isolated in terms of the nature of those showers and storms.
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plenty of sunshine with a mix of sun and clouds but very foggy conditions across much of the north eastern plains. current temperatures outside already 71 degrees in grand junction, 73 degrees colorado springs and pueblo. we will continue to see 900 temperatures in southeastern corners offthe state. downtown denver at 67 degrees. clouds increasing over rocky mountain national park. we do have a chance of scattered -- scattered thunderstorms throughout the morning and afternoon. pueblo, a mix where e will continue to see high temperatures climb to the mid-90s this afternoon. if you're going to the colorado state fair, stay hhdrated and wear sunscreen -- sunscreen.. winds from the west southwest at 8 miles per hour but we are anticipating best to conditions later this afternoon. wind gusts primarily from the southwest coming in about 15 to 20 miles per hour. hold onto your hatt. -?high temperatures will be qui warm in the upper 80s enter the
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colorado for right now, for this weekend, pretty okay weatherwise but for tens of miilions of people on the east coast, a different story. the grinch who stoll labor day % weekend is called hermine. there are states of emergency, watches and warnings from virginia to new england right now. the wind and rain from that storm is blamed for two deaths florida. chief meteorologist ginger ee joins us >>reporter: overnight, that ominous image, hermine spinning north with giant waves crashing into the boardwalk in ocean city, maryland, taunting the delaware coast. those winds and outer bands lashing virginia with 60 miles per our winds. neighborhoods inundated. in columbia north carolina, relentless gusts toppling this tractor-trailer killing the 64- year-old diver. up to 10 inches of rain in north carolina.
9:34 am
trailers and cottages into that creek, injuring four including a 10-month-old baby. in south carolina, trees crushing homes. at the tail end of this trail of destruction, flooding, hard- hit florida is getting rain again. days after the storm, people in pasco county forced to evacuatee their homes after a differrnt system caused more flooding. some, escaping by boat. hermine, now post-tropical churning to the east and providdng action for last- minute thrill seekers in philadelphia. it is doing a dangerous dance with the jersey shore this morning as the slow moving storm could put many of these beachside commuuities underwater. >> we are ready to go as soon as the city puts their siren on. now to pakistan where the search has been called off for these two you talk climbers.
9:35 am
vanished after a snowstorm nearly 2 weeks ago. a family spokesperson says the difficult decision was ma after timeout -- after that weather. they were trying to summon a peak that had never been climbed. >> they were more than confident they could finish what they started. >> the pair attempted the same climb last year and were nnarly killed then. local professors at the university of colorado in national attention this morning over an email that was sent to students. some students claimed that the professor told them if they didn't believe in man-made climate change they should drop the coorse. what happened. the professors were trying to be specific about the theme of the class. vice presidential nominee mike pence says he will rip -- he will release his tax returns
9:36 am
well but trump will not release his tax returns because of an ongoing irs audit. there is word that audit won't be completed before the november election. hillary clinton and tim kainee both released their tax returns. every nominee has returned -- released their tax returns for the last several decades. politifact has been examing claims by both candidates. marshall zelinger ratings. >> what we did when i was secretary of state as i said, went above and beyond anything that was required, nything that any charitable organization has to do. >> that is illary clinton deflecting criticism -- criticism of the clinton foundation claiming the foundation is clear about donors but politifact says that only tells part of the story. >> it's spinning the facts to suggest this is something we
9:37 am
honor when in reality the threshold is very very low. >> according to politifact, the law does not require the clinton foundation to disclooe donors but the disclosure requirements are minimal and in a case like this, the clinton foundation only agreed to do this once clinton was nominated secretary of state. they ranked her statement as half true. meanwhile, donald trump made a bold claim about clinton's tax plans. >> on top of raise taxes on african-american owned businesses to as much as nearly 50% more than they are paying now. >> politifact saying his math is not adding up and clinton's plan raises taxes on everyone earning more than $5 million a year and not by the color of their skin. >> we are looking at a number somewhere less than 25%. a small fraction of people will
9:38 am
>> politifact says it is a distortion of clinton's tax plan and rate the statement false. we are now just two months from the very interesting election cycle. marshall zelinger. i will see you back here scary moments for kids at a fair in tennessee. eight people were hospitalized 3 after a glitch on a ride. the organizers say the ride was glitched into safety mode but the ride operator made a mistake and hit a button that releases everyone's lap bars. some people started to fall off the ride back >> me and her were on the top of it and the things that hold you down came up and everybody was like holding on and falling inside of it. >> everybody started following but somm people were hanging on.
9:39 am
i slid. >> investigators say the will -- the ride will remain closed until the manual option button can be removed. we have a denver 7 fire alert. crews are still working to contain the broadway fire near the colorado-wyoming border. it has grown to 615 acres. the lightning sparked fire started three weeks ago. this is beaver creek fire near walden. and is now 60% contained and has burned 30,000 acres since mid-june. no word on what caused it. sad news from the denver zoo. elephant dolly was put down after being in hospice care for declining health. she was brought to the zoo in 1986 but it's unclear how old she is because she was brought from the wild. zoo officials believe she was
9:40 am
life expectancy. labor day weekend is upon us and it's pretty busy downtown. more than 500,000 people are expected to make it to civic park to get a taste of colorado. taste of colorado has been a staple for the past 33 years but this year, there is something new for visitors including a beer garden to enjoy. >reporter: -- >> coloradoans love beer. -?it's a great nod to >> can't go wrong with that. taste of colorado will be open from 10:30 am to 10 pm and labor day tomorrow from 10:30 am to 8 pm. if you don't make it to the taste of colorado, check out the hot air balloons. the event has been around for 40 years in colorado springs. this year features 70 colorado balloons and skydivers. festivities happened at 6 am ?nd will continue tomorrow
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trying to make money for his troop. up next, the despicable thing one man did to get free snacks from a child.
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it is 9:43 am. backkto that mess on the north side of town. 25 at 120th near northglenn. cdot is reporting a crash as closed all lanes so traffic is being diverted to 104th and then back onto the interstate. there is no word when lanes will reopen but a lot of people hitting the road to finish off this labor day weekend. it's a big mess on southbound i- 25 near northglenn. nine people are recovering after an elderly man plowed
9:44 am
irvine, california. the driver first crash through a fence, hit two cars and then hit the crowd. four are injured in serious conditions and investigators are still looking into what 3 caused the crash. no word on if the driver is facing charges. a boy is trying to sell snacks for his boy scout -- was trying to sell snacks for his boy scout troop but gets duped with a counterfeit bill. he handed bill. rylie didn't know it and sold him the trail mix and gave the man $80 and change. >> that's money they earned to buy their uniforms, do their accivities. it irritates me a lot. >> rylie's dad says he went into the walmart to report what happened and it turned out the man had tried to use the same
9:45 am
>> that's not very nice. what could be nice is you could by an annual pass to disneyland california adventure at costco. the $330 pass comes with a 10% discount on food and merchandise. you also get a free collectible pain and if you want one, the -- can -- pin they are only available -- available until next july. we saw some severe weather yesterday evening but as of right now, mostly just scattered showers and a few storms out there. for the most part, the front range seeing a mix of sun and clouds and the chance of a few showees throughout the rest of the morning. still extremely foggy. if you're traveling across eastern plains, please practice
9:46 am
patchy fog will be with us until the heat of the daa allows that to dissipate. loveland ski area mootly cloudy. we started on a sunny note. fast-moving storms will move through the high country with a 30 to 40% chance of seeing isolated storms through the evening. downtown, 71 degrees already, 67 degrees at the airport. humidity dropped to 51% and winds from the southwest at 8 miles per hour but it is going to be prettyywindy as we head into the afternoon. this is what to expect over the next 24 hours. temperatures gradually rise into the mid-to upper 80s. overnight tonight, we start to dry backout as warmer, dryer aii masses move into colorado to hang out with us just in time for labor day. oor current wind speeds right now, 14 miles per hour sustained winds in grand junction. we will see winds come from the south southwest but right now, the denver metro and the planes seeing calm conditions.
9:47 am
will pick up through the afternoon. about 20 to 25 miles per hour today. our risk for severe weather encompasses the northeastern corner of thstate and yeelow. all the green areas have the potential for picking up some stronger storms where we could see pockets of heavy rain and haii. yesterday, a tornado warning was issued. nothing touched the ground but there is potential as those cells rotate. taking a look at highs, 3 temperatures still staying very -- staying very warm. 70s for the high country. 63 degrees in leadville. lamarr, la junta and even pueblo in the mid to upper 90s. tonight in denver, getting to the mid-50s. early to mostly cloudy skies. we start the day on a cool note but also with a lot of 89 degrees are expected high. we will see that breezy condition last through monday before we start to cool down tuesday when a cool friend
9:48 am
dropping temperatures to the lower 80s. for the rest of our labor day,, i know we are starting to get into the official start of fall but still feeling like summer out there with highs in the upper 80s. we stay innthe mid-80s through >> not bad. foothills animal shelter is in the house.
9:49 am
? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry ends monday!
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we're back with -- for pet of the day. obie essure cute. >> she is about 12 years old. she came to theeshelter about a month ago because her owner moved to a place that oesn't allow pets. she is shy but she s a love bug. >> it's tough for dogs win may have lived in a home for so
9:51 am
stuck in a shelter. >> you can come by after 10:00 and you will get to see obie. today, we are going to talk about toby. toby and obie. what we''e doing over at the shelter on saturday, september 17 is we have our first pee parade and fair. it's going to be from 9 am to 12 pmmand it's on the there. was brought to us in 2015 and he was and -- an abused pet. electrical tape on his muzzle. we cared for him at the shelter and he was wonderful after a few months of loving care and veterinary care.
9:52 am
what it was to have a positive attitude and he was just so % loving and caring. ii you come out to the fair, we are going to have a parade with animals in costumes and you can have your animal join them. we are going to have lots of pet and animal and kid friendly activities and money for the shelter obviously. at the shelter, we see over care for. ls a year that we %- provide that care. >> and you can bring obie home. we will put this information on our website. >> obie is so sweet. she has a little prance in her step . coming up, we will give you a look at our final workweek
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before we go, a look at top stories this morning. a douglas county sherrff's detective still in the icu this morning after getting shot on friday. a suicidal man opened fire before he was shot and killed. a gofundme page has been set up for that detective. more than $6000 has been raised. residents were told shelter in place as sheriff's deputies searched for a wanted suspect near 29th and have to. the suspect ran away after a traffic stop around 2 am this morning. canines were brought in to help find that person. an hour later, the suspect was arrested. someone was stabbed in denver and police are searching for the person responsible. this happened yesterday at broadway and curtis. the suspect was in critical
9:56 am
officers are trying to find out what led up to that crime. i am live on monaco and kentucky where a victim tells me she was held up at gunpoint in her camera sc -- camera sc -- camry se. sse was napping in her car at 3:15 am when someone put a gun to her head and demanded her keys. she said it took her a while to and he become aggravated and began pulling and ripping her shirt and pants looking for the keys. she was able to get away ut the suspect got away with her car. i am amanda del castillo, denver 7 we and back with a smile. -?a couple and tennessee celebrates their wedding anniversary by going to football games for the unnversity of tennessee but they got a surprise. a baby. they say they were having a lot of fun last night until something happened in the third-
9:57 am
about the third-quarter. we had about eight minutes left and we got up to walk out. she didn't really know she was in labor. she was just having pains. >> that's when they rushed to the hospital during game day traffic. the baby boy came out at 8 lbs. 3 oz. mom and baby are said to be doing just fine. >> ending with a smile.. >> something else to celebrate. the weather is also something to celebrate. we will see veryywarm conditions to round out our labor day weekend. mostly sunny and breezy through the afternoon. a slight chance of storms tuesday and then it will cool down as we head into the end of next week. oveenight lows staying cool and mild in the 50s.
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[congregation applauding] >> joel osteen: well, god bless you. it's always a joy to come into your homes. and if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. but thanks so much for tuning in, and thank you again for coming out today. and i want to talk to you today about it's coming together. we all face situations that look like they're never going to work out. our dream is too big, a medical report is too negative, or our family is so dysfunctional, we don't see how we could ever be restored.


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